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전시회장 소개

Low Carbon Green Growth Expo 2012 전시회명 Low Carbon Green Growth Expo 2012
전시회기간 2012.10.30 ~ 2012.11.02
전시회장소 A&B Hall, COEX, Seoul, Korea
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○ Date : Oct 30 (wed) ~ Nov. 2 (sat) 2011 / 4days

○ Venue : A&B Hall, COEX, Seoul, Korea
○ Organizers : Korea Environmental Industry & Technology Institute, The Korea Economic Daily
○ Hosts : Ministry of Environment, Green Growth Korea
○ Sponsor : Presidential Committee on Green Growth, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology,
                  Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism, Ministry of Feed, Agriculture,
                  Forestry and fisheries and so on.
○ Exhibits : Eco-friendly, Lpw-Carbon Products
                   Green Technology
                   Green Energy
                   Green Homes
                   Green Transportation
                   Green Distribution, Finance and Services
                   Green Government · Local Governments · Public Organizations, 


Schedule will be updated soon