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ECOEXPO EXHIBITION | 더 나은 환경을 위한 기술 ECOEXPO가 함께 합니다

전시회장 소개

ENVEX2011 전시회명 ENVEX2011
전시회기간 2011.06.08 ~ 2011.06.10
전시회장소 COEX A, B Hall
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 ○ Date : June 8 (wed) ~ 10(fri) 2011 / 3days

○ Venue : COEX A, B Hall

○ Organizer : Korea Environmental Corporation, Environmental Management Corporation,

                      SUBUOKWON Landfill Site Management Corporation,

                      Korea Institute of Environmental Science and Technology,

                      Korea Environmental Preservation Association

○ Manager : Korea Environmental Preservation Association

○ Exhibits : Energy Technologies

                   - Photovoltaic, Solar Thermal, Wind power, Hydrogen, Fuel Cell,

                      Energy Efficiency & Green Constructions, Biomass, Waste, Marine, IGCC,

                      Green car & Transportation

                  Environment Technologies

                   - Government Policies & Project, Water, Air, Waste, Measuring Equipment, Eco-Product,

                      Four-River Project, Marine


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